"Pimi Jumpers" Game

Original title: Pimi Jumpers


Pimi Jumpers are the hilarious adventures of a boy named Pimi. Meet this funny little guy never gets bored, he is always in search of adventure, and, we must admit, not without results. This time he decided to take a walk through a magical valley, where time and again he bumps into gold coins. Help him gather up the money that will come in handy later. But keep in mind that it's not as easy as it looks. Since the road consists of dangerous traps, Pimi tries to move by leaps and bounds - so there's less risk of getting caught. But it's also hard to grab a coin, so calculate the distance between jumps so that Pimi doesn't fly past the coveted coin, but lands right next to it and can pick it up. If you see monsters, feel free to jump right on top of them to destroy them. And don't ignore the bonus items - they need to be picked up, too.