"Red Ball 6 : Bounce Ball" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Red Ball 6 : Bounce Ball


Red Ball 6: Bounce Ball is an interesting puzzle game in which you will help the red ball to overcome all the difficulties on its journey. You will start your way from the forest, but be ready for different traps, obstacles and dangerous objects that you need to jump over deftly. On your way you will also meet black balls and squares, that are better to destroy, jumping on them from above. Also try to collect coins, the number of coins determines how many stars you will get for the level. On the map you will see 4 different locations, which together offer more than 50 levels. Enjoy the addictive gameplay, quality graphics and user-friendly controls of this fascinating game.


How to play Ball Hero : Red Bounce Ball
- Use right and left arrow keys to roll the ball
- Use up arrow key to jump ball
- Use down arrow key to stop the bounce ball in front of dangerous impediments.
- Get enough required number of yellow stars while rolling ball
- Find the magical door to guide the ball by ball get the next level
- Challenge yourself in more and more difficult but interesting levels.