"PAPER.IO 2" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: PAPER.IO 2


PAPER.IO 2 is a simple but fun game. Start by getting a geometric shape to play, and choose a color that you like. Now you need to grab as much space as possible and color in your shade. Your square can move around the field like a playing snake, with a colored trail following it. So you can color all the borders, and then from the inside to make your territories the same color. Do not be afraid to be an invader, on the contrary, boldly explore new territories and paint them with your shade, but keep in mind that to cross your own borders, drawn earlier, the square is not allowed, as there will be an explosion. Your opponents won't rest, they'll try to pick a convenient moment to destroy you, and it's easiest to do so while you're outlining your borders. If you become the best, you will be awarded a golden crown, and your result will go to the table of records.


Control - mouse and keyboard (WASD / cursor keys).