"Elegant House Escape" Game

Original title: Elegant House Escape


All the houses look alike. The facades are the same and the green areas are the same. But inside, each house is different. Today you will find yourself in an elegant house, and try to find a way out of it. Will you be able to cope?

Be attentive in the game Elegant House Escape

How you ended up in this house is still unclear. But it is not important. Now your main task is to get out as soon as possible. Our advice - look around and try to understand who owns this house. Now try to think like a resident of this house.

First, you need to look around carefully. Perhaps you will find some clues. Do not be afraid to move couches, open different cabinets and other things. Remember that clues can hide anywhere.

Your task is to find the main key that can open the very door. To do this, look for items and solve puzzles. You are sure to succeed.