"Fantasy Sniper" Game

Original title: Fantasy Sniper


Take yourself to an ancient world where you'll come face to face with all kinds of monsters. Even though there are only five levels in the game, it's enough to pass the time.

Play as a sniper in an ancient world

Centaurs, dragons, and giant wolves await you in the game. There are no timers in the game you can safely perform tasks. At each level you have to kill 15 monsters, for each you will get a certain number of points. Headshot will bring the most points. There is no limit on the number of rounds you can shoot. Sometimes you will have to make several shots until the bullet reaches the target. Some creatures are hidden from you behind rocks and ruins, to see them turn on the sniper scope. Look carefully at your surroundings in search of mythical creatures. For the safety of people you can not worry, they had time to leave their homes immediately after the first monsters appeared.