"Thanksgiving Episode3" Game

Original title: Thanksgiving Episode3


The main character in this game is an interesting uncle in a hat and a mustache. But you don't have to play as him. He is playing the role of your guide. At the beginning of the game you will be shown instructions so that you understand what you have to do and what you have to do to win.

Quest that trains your memory

You will have to go through a large number of quite difficult levels. For example, in one of the levels you will need to guess the same things. You'll be presented with different colored hats and guess should be two of the same, with the fact that the pictures of hats will be flipped back. You need to get a lot of points to win. There is a large number of interesting tasks, the further you go, the harder the tasks will be. It will be interesting for you to participate in different quests and earn the highest number of credit points