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Online shooting games with zombies

Zombie shooters are created for the bravest, boldest, most apt gamers. They will take you to a virtual world that is literally crawling with the walking dead. To survive, you will have to teach the monsters a brutal lesson. So take your blaster or submachine gun and go destroy the zombies.

In games, shooters require maximum concentration and skills possession of any kind of weapon. Shoot and blow up bloodthirsty zombies to survive. This category is characterized by a variety of storylines, dynamics and excitement. You can become the protagonist of an exciting battle or part of a brave team that exterminates the walking dead.

What games you'll find on this page?

Is your city crawling with the living dead, devouring all the people in their path? Take a powerful blaster or your trusty submachine gun AK 47 and teach the monsters a lesson! Zombie shooter games take you into a virtual world of horror and brutality, which is not easy to survive - you will need a concentration of all gun skills.

Confront the hero to the undead, in online shooters, comes down to one thing - shoot, blow up, and shoot again. At the same time, the storyline of the game is very diverse: you can play as a team, fighting against the zombies, and the main character, and can control whole divisions in the arcade "wall-to-wall". Pay attention to 3D games, because there zombies are more realistic, you have a wide choice of ways to kill them and there is room to play. In 3D shooters you get into big cities, where you are attacked by revived corpses, and in races you will crush them, trying to get to the finish line.

We have collected on this page the best online zombie shooters that will not leave any gamer indifferent.

We recommend to pay special attention to 3D browser shooters. These games are suitable only for the bravest, brave gamers. They will take you to a realistic metropolis, populated by living corpses.

It is not so easy to kill them, so you will need to find very sophisticated ways to destroy dangerous enemies and buy new weapons. Demonstrate cunning to catch and disarm your enemy.

Surely you have seen dozens of movies, TV series, games and even books with plots based on the zombie apocalypse. When major cities become desolate ruins, hordes of dangerous monsters that once were human take to the streets. Crowds of the dead roam the world with only one goal - to get to the few survivors. So how do you fight back against the zombies? Targeted stabbing with a club, sword or knife only works in the case of single wandering monsters or small groups of walkers, but without proper skill this can end badly. To stay alive as long as possible, it's better to use ranged tactics.