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16 May 2022
Your Own Witcher: Personal Grind Zones in Black Desert
In the game added places of comfort pumping for beginners and anthropomorphic introverts
15 May 2022
The fate of Aion, Throne and Liberty and other games in the NCSoft report
Korean game developer NCSoft released its financial report for the first quarter of 2022
14 May 2022
Friday the 13th and the release of Evil Dead: The Game
After several postponements, the publisher has settled on the only suitable release date, Friday, May 13
13 May 2022
Hedgehogs in the Mist: May updates to Rainbow Six Extraction
Online action thriller about special forces against monsters got a new patch and "Nightmare Fog" mode
12 May 2022
Dungeons and Blockchains: the start of the alpha test of Legends of Aria
Gamers will be able to earn and save tokens, as well as exchange them for real currency
11 May 2022
With or on a shield: Apex Legends Season 13
Online action thriller received an update "Saviors," timed to coincide with the 13th season of the game
10 May 2022
Find and Destroy: Mortal Online 2 Update
Recently one of the most unusual MMORPG received an update with the serial number
09 May 2022
Fox Legends - new MMORPG from Esprit Games
The company Esprit Games will soon release a new MMORPG in Russian
08 May 2022
Claws, fangs, dungeons: a new martial arts school in Blade Soul
The publisher of the game in Russia announced a major update called "Tiger School"
08 May 2022
Galaxy Charts: Fanfest 2022 results on EVE Online
After a four-year hiatus, a festival for space simulator fans returns
06 May 2022
Rust now has trains - just like Metro Exodus
The multiplayer open-world survival game Rust got an important update
05 May 2022
Seven feet under the keel: the road map of World of Warships
Overview of planned updates to the naval simulator World of Warships until the fall
04 May 2022
Vampire Hunt: Dark Eden M global version released
The release of the global version of the game became available on both mobile devices and computers
03 May 2022
Can we do it in Russian? Fans translate Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIV fans are translating one of the world's most popular RPGs into Russian
02 May 2022
Goodbye, weapons: Forsaken World will be closed
MMORPG Forsaken World will cease to exist in fall 2022
01 May 2022
What's the price of solar? Details on a major Star Citizen update
The space adventure simulator has already reached alpha version number 3.17.0
30 April 2022
Now on a snowboard: Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis update
The developers of Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis held a broadcast on the game's development plans
29 April 2022
Do you want a carriage or a tank? Crossout update released
Gaijin Entertainment has rolled out an update for Crossout 0.13.60 called "Knight Mayhem"
28 April 2022
Bloodhunt vampire "battle royale" has made it to release
From April 27 the vampire action game Bloodhunt became available for free to all comers
27 April 2022
Operation Resuscitation: the Dual Universe has updated everything
Developers from Novaquark studio have prepared an update 0.29 codenamed Athena
26 April 2022
Dangerous Girl with a Brush: The Fate of Lost Ark in Russia
My.Games, the company that publishes Lost Ark, announced plans to develop the project from May to July 2022
25 April 2022
The Fighting Turk: Introducing the new character Valorant
The developers from Riot Games studio dedicated two introductory videos to Fade for fans
25 April 2022
This is not Fortnite: the announcement of the team shooter Project Q
Ubisoft has officially confirmed the development of multiplayer action game Project Q
23 April 2022
King Kong vs Godzilla in Call of Duty: Warzone
on April 27, a new season of "Monarch" with King Kong and Godzilla starts in Call of Duty
22 April 2022
Kill the Dragon: patch and announcement of an add-on for Neverwinter
The developers have updated the project, and at the same time rolled out the announcement of the Dragonslayer add-on
21 April 2022
The new hook is better than the old two: what has changed in Overwatch 2
Developers are making changes to the game during the beta testing phase
20 April 2022
Swedes sell Russian publisher Innova
Publisher of the world's bestselling MMO games for the Russian market will change ownership
19 April 2022
Still to come: patch 4.0 for Battlefield 2042
The developers of the online shooter unveiled a major update, despite the game's not very outstanding popularity
18 April 2022
Version 2.0 and the new Tower of Fantasy character
The beta testing of patch 2.0 invites gamers not only from China but also from other countries
17 April 2022
Everybody Dance: Fortnite Music Festival Begins
Fortnite developers announced the start of the Coachella Virtual Festival
16 April 2022
The Turkish Gambit: Rise Online World is out
Developed by the Turkish company Rokosoft, MMORPG Rise Online World has finally reached release
15 April 2022
A new chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online. Now with "Gwynth"
Another chapter of the High Isle adventure is scheduled for release this summer, which will even include a card game
14 April 2022
There's sin in space: a major addition to No Man's Sky
The game features battles with pirates, a new type of starship, battles in outer space and over the surface of worlds
13 April 2022
The most powerful and incredible knockouts in games
The game creators are trying to give us a large number of options for the most powerful strokes
13 April 2022
Survive at any cost. The most interesting survival games
Survival games genre is extremely popular around the world, is in demand among veteran players and novice gamers.
13 April 2022
Stories you can only learn in video games
The modern gaming industry has reached enormous proportions.