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15 February 2022
It's fun to shoot fireballs together: the Children of Morta update
Iranian studio Dead Mage, which develops the game Children of Morta has released an update Fellowship Sanctuary
14 February 2022
Fans found Doom and Star Wars in Dying Light 2
New secrets of the game Dying Light 2 are increasing the interest of gamers around the world
13 February 2022
Is Alan Wake still coming back? Remedy's plans for the coming years
How we can please the developer of Max Payne, Alan Wake, Quantum Break and Control in the coming years
12 February 2022
Sorry about Vanguard: new Call of Duty announced
Activision is already working on new projects under the wing of Microsoft
11 February 2022
"Eternity's End" will set the record straight in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
The release date of the final update for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, announced back in the fall, has been announced
10 February 2022
"Know By Heart" - a new game from the authors of "Pathologic"
The release of "Know By Heart" took place without any big announcements or high-profile advertising campaigns
09 February 2022
Groovy! New Evil Dead: The Game trailer and release date
A new attempt to revive interest in the horror classic based on Sam Raimi's "The Evil Dead" from Saber Interactive
08 February 2022
Didn't survive after all: Survarium servers will be shut down
Online shooter Survarium, developed by Vostok Games, will soon be closed
08 February 2022
Unusual kung-fu game Sifu hacked the day before release
Hackers hacked into the kung fu game Sifu the day before its official release
06 February 2022
Rockstar confirms: GTA VI is on its way
Rockstar Games has announced the scheduled release date for GTA VI
05 February 2022
Scary, knock it out! Ghostwire: Tokyo gameplay and release date
The developers shared with the public the details of the Ghostwire: Tokyo storyline, told about the hero, showed gameplay, and at the same time announced the release date
04 February 2022
Acrobat vs zombies: Dying Light 2 has made it to release
The game's plot focuses on the adventures of a courier who keeps communication between cities after the end of the world
03 February 2022
What's new in New World? A test build has been released
Amazon's ambitious MMORPG continues to break patterns
02 February 2022
Games that can be completed in a couple of hours, interesting, beautiful and ... short
Not all in a row people like to play the same game for days or even weeks, sitting at the monitor all night long.
02 February 2022
Projects based on real events would never have guessed
Video games serve as an outlet and escape from the problems of everyday life for a while.
02 February 2022
The effect of slowing down or stopping time in games, the ability to use it and admire it
In today's game projects, involves a lot of interesting and unique control systems gameplay.
02 February 2022
Games with cruelty and violence crossing the line
For all the efforts of a large number of morality fighters and defenders of the game industry against violence and gory scenes,
02 February 2022
The adventures of Greek mythical heroes in games, against the backdrop of the temples of Olympus
The modern game industry often turns to the heroes of ancient Greek legends, creating entire projects about their lives and adventures.
02 February 2022
Blood-soaked, horror-inducing, best horror games
Horror stories create an appropriate atmosphere of fear, awe, and horror. These are the strongest emotions that can be evoked in a person.
02 February 2022
One of the best simulations, this is a simulation of God in games
God Simulator, is a game in which the player plays as a being of the highest plan.
02 February 2022
Mysterious and frightening mystique in the game space
Mystique entices and frightens us at the same time. When we watch this kind of content, we become both curious and frightened at the same time.
02 February 2022
For fans of watching and observing, the best games for streaming
In today's gaming industry, videos that broadcast games and commentary on them are very popular.
02 February 2022
The most terrifying, disgusting, and ruthless bosses in video games
Bosses in video games, these are the most terrible and very powerful enemies, defeating which the player will be able to prove his personal professionalism as a gamer.
02 February 2022
Brutal fun: Shadow Warrior 3 trailer and release date
Publisher Devolver Digital has finally decided on a release date for Shadow Warrior 3
01 February 2022
Sony Strikes Back: What We Know About the Bungie Deal
On the last day of January, Sony Corporation announced the purchase of Bungie Studios
31 January 2022
Always Ready! A major update for Ready or Not is out
Recently developers from VOID Interactive added more than 3 GB of data to the game Ready or Not
30 January 2022
Gabe Newell admitted that he is waiting for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2
The CEO of Valve and Steam store Gabe Newell was a big fan of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
29 January 2022
Gone is the era: SEGA says goodbye to arcades
SEGA stops dealing with arcade machines and transfers this line of business to another company
28 January 2022
From the Rift to the Breton Seas: the big changes in TES Online
New locations, plots, characters, pets, and a minigame card game await gamers
27 January 2022
Who has a PC to pull? Crysis 4 was announced
Sensation from the company Crytek was expected last. But it managed to surprise the public.
26 January 2022
I will definitely survive: Blizzard is building a new world
According to the president of Activision Blizzard, they are building a new fantasy world with combat and survival mechanics
25 January 2022
The new season of Apex Legends has been announced
Stopping a Horse on the Rope: Defiance Announcement for Apex Legends
24 January 2022
What caused the Dark Souls server shutdown
FromSoftware, the company responsible for developing the role-playing action game, shut down the servers of Dark Souls III, Dark Souls II and Dark Souls: Remastered
23 January 2022
"Legion" disbanded: Ubisoft ends support for the latest Watch Dogs
The Bloodline add-on, which brought the hero of the first part, Aiden Pearce, back to Watch Dogs: Legion, was the last one.
22 January 2022
Assassin's Creed in Space
The other day Alex Hutchinson, who was responsible for the creation of Assassin's Creed III, talked to a journalist from the Eurogamer website
21 January 2022
LEGO Star Wars release date announced
Traveller's Tales studio has announced the release date of its new adventure, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga