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20 January 2022
What was shown in the Horizon Forbidden West trailer
One of the most anticipated releases this winter is the second part of Horizon. In the action game produced by Guerrilla Games, people survive the end of the world
19 January 2022
Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard
The biggest news in the gaming industry since the beginning of the year was the deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard
18 January 2022
Union of the sword and the ploughshare: MMO players went on strike
Players of the famous militaristic MMO Foxhole went on strike
17 January 2022
Mysterious update for Cyberpunk 2077 came out
Recently, users have noticed that the game files on Steam have been changed. What does this mean?
15 January 2022
God of War is out on PC
on January 14, computers released God of War 2018, previously only present on consoles.
14 January 2022
"Release in five years": Star Citizen continues to suck money
The developers of Star Citizen do not expect a release until 2027
13 January 2022
Destiny 2 - sci-fi action movie
Try yourself as the defenders of Earth from the forces of evil.
13 January 2022
New World - Amazon's first RPG experience
The first MMORPG from Amazon. The project's uneasy fate and great success.
13 January 2022
PUBG is giving away for free
Now the price is right: PUBG is giving away for free
12 January 2022
It's a "Stalker," after all!
The developers have postponed the release of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2
11 January 2022
Uncle Sam was exiled to Siberia
What will happen in Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem
10 January 2022
New products to look forward to in 2022
Not much time left until the end of 2021. Many game industry projects
10 January 2022
Reliable facts, romance, bloody battles in games about the Middle Ages
The medieval game world is full of bloody battles, courageous actions, imbued with the spirit of romance and love
10 January 2022
Dizzying heights of graphics, which are equipped with modern games
The technology options for developing modern games are now at an all-time high.
10 January 2022
Indulge yourself, choose games with cool, original mechanics
The modern game industry is moving by leaps and bounds, moving forward and forward.
10 January 2022
Wonderful, fabulous worlds in modern games
A good, high-quality game stands out from the likes of not only thoughtful plot
10 January 2022
A great selection of good games, without violence and fear
Sometimes you want to relax after a hard day's work and rest. Almost always video games come to our aid.
10 January 2022
The sexiest male characters in gaming space
The female characters have already been condemned and admired many times
10 January 2022
Games with battles that amaze the imagination with their scale
How beautiful, in the modern processing, look in video games large-scale battles.
10 January 2022
Stealth action, play without being detected
Stealth-action genre in the game industry has settled relatively recently.
10 January 2022
The serial killers and maniacs, the protagonists of the games
In modern computer games, there are often psychologically ill characters, serial killers, maniacs and hateful people.
27 December 2021
Flight simulators for fans of virtual flying
Beautiful flights, the sky, exciting adventures, steep turns! All these emotions can be experienced by conquering the sky.
27 December 2021
The scariest monsters in modern games
Most of the monsters beloved by players appeared thanks to videos and fiction.
27 December 2021
Games for creating virtual romantic relationships
The modern virtual world of games, many years ago, added another genre of specific content.
27 December 2021
Exciting space combat strategy games with an open world
Are you a fan of interstellar or interplanetary exploration and like to travel to other planets?
27 December 2021
Filled with mystery, the underwater world in games
Underwater worlds, which offer us to dive into the creators of modern games, just shocking beauty, harmony and freedom
27 December 2021
Really crazy games that change consciousness and perception of life
The global game industry is becoming more and more active every year, developers are creating a variety of genres, developing and bringing them to life
27 December 2021
Games with extraordinary gameplay and their impact on the world
In today's world, computer games occupy a huge niche. The gaming industry has been increasing its momentum year by year and is producing the latest
27 December 2021
Games you can play forever
All players, without exception, have such, the most favorite projects to which they return, from time to time.
27 December 2021
Great games, time-tested and popular
There are representatives of the gaming genre, which is simply impossible to forget
27 December 2021
The best games with evolutionary development
The modern video game industry is increasingly touching on pressing social issues of great importance in everyday life.
06 December 2021
Escape from Tarkov - hardcore shooter for genre connoisseurs
This game is called the benchmark for the balance between complexity and fun, it knows no equal in the nuances of battle simulation
06 December 2021
Roblox is the most popular gaming platform
The largest gaming platform with a daily activity of more than 6 million people!
18 November 2021
VALORANT: a network shooter with big ambitions
A newcomer to the world of online tactical shooters with big ambitions to become more popular than CS:GO.
05 November 2021
The excitement and thrill of speed in racing games
Nothing can replace for us one of the best and most sought-after genres of the game industry, racing.
05 November 2021
An open game world that will make you forget about reality
Modern open-world games contain a fascinating story, quests and puzzles.