"Singing Bird Escape" Game

Original title: Singing Bird Escape


One little chick has been caught and imprisoned on a farm. But he does not accept this fate and wants, by all means, to break free. Wants to breathe the air of freedom again, to see the blue sky, to soar in the air, under the sun. You just have to in the game Singing Bird Escape to help him in this. So, one by one in front of you will be on the monitor a variety of locations that are solidly filled with different objects. You have to look through them very carefully and find those items that may be useful to your chick to escape from prison. In some cases, to get the right thing, you have to solve puzzles and puzzles. But will that stop you-unlikely. You're determined to set your feathered captive free. If you succeed, the chick and all of its congregation will be immensely grateful to you.


Use the mouse to play