"Farmer Pig Escape" Game

Original title: Farmer Pig Escape


All the animals living on the farm are well aware of what fate awaits them. But our heroine is still very young, and she does not want to die so early. She managed to find out that today the owner wants to invite his friends, and to prepare a chic holiday table. And the main dish should be our heroine. Piggy decided not to wait until the evening, and right now to escape from this farm. You have to help her in this. On the playing field will appear small, which will be on a farm. Around will be scattered different items, as well as will be located tasks. Look around and help the heroine to find all the necessary objects for escape. Be prepared for the fact that to get to such an object you'll need to solve a puzzle or solve the puzzle. Collect all items and use them one by one. Pass level by level and bring the little piggy to the cherished goal.