"Mahjong Quest" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Mahjong Quest


Go on a journey through the enchanted forest with the girl and her furry cat. Many levels await you, in which you have to find paired tiles and remove them from the playing field. The faster you cope with the task the more stars you get as a reward. A little girl wants to find a Wonderland like Alice, but no one knows the way there. And all because it is not open to everyone who wants to. Our heroine is not going to give up, she has read many fairy tales and decided that if she solves a lot of mahjong puzzles, she will open the way to the Wonderland. Help the little girl and her favorite kitty to pass the levels in Mahjong Quest Mania. Look for and collect pairs of identical mahjong tiles, but be sure to take a short tutorial first. In addition to identical tiles, you can remove elements with the image of a cat and other objects or objects. Fascinating mahjong pyramids are waiting for you and if you solve them successfully, you will move further and further through the cities and towns.


Match pairs of identical tiles to remove them from the board until it's entirely cleared or until you find all special tiles. You can only match tiles which are free on at least one side. Match as fast as you can to earn awards and medals to unlock more levels. Season tiles match even if the picture is different. The same works with flower tiles. Rock tiles don't do anything. Some tiles are reversed, they turn around as you select them. To free trapped tiles, you have to match scissors.