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Logical casual PC puzzle games

The best way to increase brain activity is online games. Because you are engaged in a kind of training and thus enjoy the game, the complexity of the plot, colorful graphics, at the same time improve their own concentration, memory, develop perseverance and concentration. Games with which you will improve all of these skills, choose for yourself according to your own taste.

Different types of logic puzzles

Want to start your own brain training right now? Then pick up any interesting task and start testing. Be prepared to sit back and think hard on some puzzles, because this section contains not just fun games, and the most complicated stories, intricate tasks - in general, everything that makes the online games on the logic of so attractive and popular.

In this section you should definitely pay attention to the following types of games:

  • Tabletop. They require intense focus, full concentration and one hundred percent observation. Try to play "Preferance" or assemble "Puzzles. Diamond Collection.
  • On the search for objects and not only. Games in which you have to track things down or unravel murders, kidnappings, thefts, will make your gray brain cells actively function, and will be a good intensive training for logical thinking. Open "Ashley Clark. Secrets of an Ancient Temple", "Cursed Cases. Murder at Maybard Mansion. Collector's Edition", etc.
  • Fun. If you not only want to solve problems and unravel puzzles, but also to smile while doing some tasks, then play "How to Get a Student. Disorder in the dorm," or something similar.

In the section a lot of games dedicated to fantasy themes. You can puzzle over how to save the fairies or elves, destroy the evil sorcerer, to free the Asgard. And if you want to learn something new and interesting, then try "World of Mysteries. Seven Wonders" and other games of this type. Take advantage of the fact that learning can take place in a pleasant form of play and will not cause a feeling that you're in school for some boring lesson.

Features of logic puzzles

In games dedicated to the development of logic, you will very rarely need to shoot or jump, perform other actions related to physical activity. Here your main weapon is your mind, and it is the brain that will have to be in constant tension to solve the tasks assigned to it. The games include hints, bonuses extra points, so you have enough incentive to try to outdo yourself every time you open the game.

The best logic puzzles: