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Logic board games combine several varieties. But they have a common principle. No firefights or catch-up, they are rarely designed for more than one person. In addition to the ability to think logically to play these games requires another sharp eye, and attached to it, observation. Often they are designed for long sittings, give peace and quiet, and not the adrenaline and drive. Although, of course, there are exceptions, as in all rules.

Varieties of logical board games

This extensive area has collected the most entertaining logic puzzles of all possible. You'll have a lot of fun playing solitaire, putting together pieces of colorful puzzles, laying a mosaic, or combining the cards. You can find a game for every taste, if you want to spend a quiet evening at your favorite activity.

Look closer, choose and pay attention to the following types of games:

  • Mahjong. Considered to be a card board game. You will need to collect paired cards, make productive moves, sometimes remember the cards you see before returning them to the deck. Before you start the game, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules, because each mahjong, in addition to the general rules, has its own nuances. Pay attention to "Greatest Structures. Mahjong", "Mahjong: The Greatest Cities of the World", etc.
  • Puzzles. It's hard to imagine board games without puzzles. Collect all kinds of themed pictures, from Christmas cards to romantic, you can find animals or cars and much more, if you open the "Puzzle. Diamond Collection," "Puzzles. Platinum Collection," etc.
  • Card Games. Fans of preference and poker know that sometimes in these games you have to break your head so much that just logical thinking is not enough. By the way, card games can sometimes be played with someone, although one will not be bored. Try "Preferance" or "King of Poker".
  • Solitaire. Numerous solitaire games will never go out of style. They are very diverse, some are easy to collect, others you have to tinker with, and that's not the fact that you will succeed, but in any case you will be proud when you've collected a solitaire for a record-breaking short time. Choose any of the collections of "Encyclopedia of Solitaire" and enjoy playing.

Some games can be classified as card games, but they have nothing to do with playing cards. But there are enough confusing things to think about. A prime example - "Pirate Riddles. Guess the Picture" or "World of riddles. Animals".

The main distinguishing feature of these games is the presence of cards. These can be playing cards, or mahjong cards, or cards with pictures, or fragments of the whole picture, but you'll still need to connect them, combine them, look for pairs, in general, to perform tasks. Enjoy the gameplay!

Best logical board games:

  • Braveland
  • Asian riddles
  • Age of mahjong
  • Asian riddles 2.
  • Arizona Rose and the pirates riddles
  • World riddles. Animals
  • Preference
  • Encyclopedia of patience. Vol 2
  • Great sea battle
  • Mahjong quest