"Knife.io" Game

Original title: Knife.io


Many children played darts at one time, and heard from their parents about throwing knives. Of course, such games are dangerous for children, but we always want adrenaline. Therefore, for these gamers developed online games of this format. One of them is Knife.io.

Collect knives in the game Knife.io

Initially in the game you need to decide on the format of your knives. Developers offer a wide range of different types of these edged weapons. Then begins the game itself. A total of 9 players on the field each initially has three knives. These knives spin and can cause damage to your opponent. You have to move your knives to your enemies and defeat them. Do not start your attacks rashly; collect as many knives as possible first. After each encounter, one knife falls out. After all knives are ruined, the player loses. The winner will be the last survivor.