"MineEnergy.fun" Game

Original title: MineEnergy.fun


In its theme, the game MineEnergy.fun, similar to Minecraft. Here you need to sell resources and energy, as well as perform missions. Virtual money that you earn for completing missions in the game, you can spend on generators, automatic mineri, etc.

Become a real miner of minerals, together with our game!

In this game, you can get such minerals as: coal, iron and copper ore, diamonds, etc. It is worth noting that in the game MineEnergy.fun, you can play, both boys and girls, different age categories. All because there are no restrictions in this game.

It is worth noting that in this game, you can use the solar generator, wind generator, coal, and others who will produce energy. Become a real millionaire in the game MineEnergy.fun. Have an interesting and fun time!


Attack/place block
Speed up