"Classic Mahjong Deluxe" Game

Original title: Classic Mahjong Deluxe


Mahjong Deluxe is a fascinating game of solitaire, based on the classic Chinese game in which you have to play with chips depicting ancient Chinese symbols and signs. The essence is that you remove from the board all the chips that are on it. Find pairs of images from the left and right ends of the lines and then you will be able to remove all the chips from the playing field. There are 12 amazing backgrounds and 504 different puzzle layouts waiting for you. And all this will take place accompanied with pleasant soothing background music. In addition to the main Chinese theme of the game you can also get the bonus theme "On the Farm", where you can spend hours removing the chips from the board with funny animal sounds, and not get bored at all. Good luck!


Use mouse to play this html5 calssic mahjong games.