"Russian Taz Driving" Game

Original title: Russian Taz Driving


If you prefer the streets of Russian cities and products of the Russian automobile industry to Formula 1 racing or street racing in the streets of Los Angeles, then you are welcome to this simulator.

The car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation in the game Russian Taz Driving

To each his own, and for such aesthetics, there will probably be fans. Well, let's go! Control the keyboard, try to avoid skidding, reduce speed in time, entering the turn. The scenery in the game is somewhere between an industrial zone and a district center, there's nothing to distract you from.

If you want to feel like a badass driver in a Russian car, get behind the wheel and pedal to the floor. No pedestrians in the game, probably all back from work and watching late-night shows.

Play online and for free on our site in a simulation of driving in Russian cars, taste the exoticism and nostalgia.


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