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Adventures in the online games of Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that has been loved by millions of adults and children since its release in 2011. It differs from other similar developments in that it is built on the idea of cubist space.

If you're nostalgic for 8-bit graphics, our addictive online adventure games of Maincraft will help you dive into an infinite pixel world. They are built on the principle of a big sandbox, where each element is a 3D cube. There are no rigid objectives and goals, so the player's actions are almost unlimited.

The best adventures in Mynecraft:

Adventure is one of the five game modes. It's very similar to survival, where you need to escape from monsters, mining resources. But in browser games of adventure genre, some things can not be broken, or you can, but only with the help of a certain inventory.

Many players like Minecraft because of the simplicity of the plot and limitless possibilities. Here you can do almost everything:

  • build bridges, houses;
  • mine additional resources;
  • fly a rocket or airplane;
  • wander through dungeons;
  • fight bloodthirsty monsters.

Which plots are worth testing out?

Get to know the young dragon. You will become his friend and help him learn to fly. The dragon quickly learns the basics of this art, he is already strong and ready for the trials. But he can't cope with the tasks without your help. When the dragon takes off, help him keep the necessary altitude. Also remember that there are various obstacles ahead of him. Do not miss them. As soon as you see something, make a maneuver. Your main task is not to let the dragon collide with the obstacle. If the path is successfully passed, you will pass to the next level.

Feel like a builder - create an entire kingdom of rectangular blocks. Here you can not only build, but also travel, exploring neighboring territories. Take a closer look at the tools available to you - they will help you explore the world around you.

Act as a runner who goes to collect coins on the city road. Here you will see three lanes. Along the way you will need to run from one to the second and third to avoid collisions with different obstacles. Do not slow down and do not forget to collect coins. You will need them to set the record.

Why choose our games?

Our online games will give you a different perspective on the open pixel world! And the most important thing is that they are completely free. You don't need to install cumbersome applications to play your favorite games. Just go to our website, open the desired section of the catalog and play as much as your heart desires.

We've gathered for you the best adventure games of Minecraft, which will give a lot of positive emotions, involving you in an exciting gameplay!