"Minescraft Herobrine" Game

Original title: Minescraft Herobrine


Everyone knows the popular game of Minecraft, so this game is a bit like it, but only by the fact that it also consists of pixels. You will need to pass a large number of different and quite tricky levels and earn a lot of points.

Levels are treacherous, but interesting

You will have to play for interesting, but pixel protagonist, that is not very visible on the screen. You will have to play a lot of levels. You can pass them quickly enough, but don't get excited. The levels are treacherous. If the first one is easy enough, then further they will become more and more difficult. For example, if you fall into the water, you will have to go through the tournament again. In addition, there are many treacherous places where you can die and go back to the beginning of the level. In the course of the level you'll be collecting coins, which will count as valid points. See if you're lucky.


How to play in the game is available There is mobile control wasd shift and arrow key shift