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New Adventures in the online games of Minecraft

The first game of this category appeared only in 2011, but immediately won the hearts of all gamers. The uniqueness of the idea, this category of games lies in its unusual design - absolutely all the characters and locations are made in the style of cubism. Missed the pixel graphics? Then you'll love one of the exciting games from the category of adventures in Minecraft.

A huge variety of storylines awaits you. You'll be able to try your hand at construction, building more houses, bridges and roads, as well as mining new resources for these purposes. Or you are more into speed and flying?

Get on a plane, a helicopter or a rocket and soar over the earth like a huge bird. Or maybe you prefer to explore the underworld like a magic dwarf? The bravest and boldest players will definitely enjoy the opportunity to engage in battle with bloodthirsty monsters, protecting the innocent and saving their own land.

All of these plots are in full variety on the section new adventures in Minecraft. All games presented on this site, characterized by beautiful graphics and a dynamic plot. And the complexity of the game will grow from level to level, not allowing you to get bored or distracted from the action on the monitor. And to dive into the amazing pixel world you only need a gadget that has a connection to the Internet, and you can play all the games you like without restriction.

Create a perfect universe

If you want to create, learn other people's manners, laws, rules and customs, we offer you the chance to dive into a parallel universe. In the games of Minecraft you will be able to revive the wasteland in bits and pieces, control events and people. Minecraft houses a unique new world with a huge variety of genres, maps, modes and features. In the game you can not only survive and travel, but also create different objects.

There are no specific goals here, everyone can release free action. Note that not every game presented in this section involves building, as in the original Minecraft, instead you are invited to look at the new world in a new way. There are options where you can simply explore the new map, collecting diamonds and other useful items. Fans of runners can try to save the protagonist from monsters. But in most games you still have to play for a character consisting of blocks and armed with a pickaxe. In the online versions of the famous game you will be able to:

  • collect resources;
  • build a house or an entire city;
  • fight with other players;
  • fight all kinds of monsters;
  • conquer the seas.

To survive in the new reality you will have to show unprecedented dexterity, whether it is collecting food or defending a tower. The world of Minecraft is huge, it is full of adventures and discoveries. So you just do not have time to get bored.
Plus, on our site you will find games with stunningly beautiful maps and new textures that will make the gameplay even more exciting.