"ZombieCraft 2" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: ZombieCraft 2


All fans of the Minecraft universe, as well as fans of unconventional zombie games are recommended to pay attention to ZombieCraft 2 (ZombieCraft 2). You will find yourself in a terrifying world that has suffered from the effects of the zombie apocalypse. In it, the living dead behave as if they are the masters of everything! But as long as your hero has a weapon in his hands, there is still hope. At the beginning of the game you can choose either a swordsman or a warrior with an axe. Your goal is to pump up your character as much as possible, fighting against horrible deadlings. Both classes can attack with standard strikes, but each has a special attack (right mouse button). At the end of each level you can improve the hero's stats using special points. Collect gold to buy new armor and decoctions, which will allow the character to restore health.


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