"Minecraft Adventure" Game

Original title: Minecraft Adventure


Good old Steve, the most famous hero of the universe of adventure games Minecraft, offers to pass with him 6 new interesting missions with tricky obstacles in the game Minecraft Adventure on Zarium.

The game "Minecraft" has taken a heavy burden from us, teaching us how to jump over problems

Hopping Steve is not afraid of problems in life and is happy to take on everything new and interesting. Now he has to overcome six distances of varying difficulty. They are full of obstacles, which must be overcome with haste, and constantly be coordinated, so as not to linger and dive into the abyss between the islands, because the lives are only three. On the counter monsters, too, must either jump or skip. And coins and jewels - to take away with them, scoring points.

Show your dexterity and reaction speed! We're waiting for you at the finish line!