"Blocky Pixel" Game

Original title: Blocky Pixel


You have been thrown into the cubic world of Minecraft. In this world, once again, there is another calamity. In the game Blocky Pixel on Zarium, clear the streets of the city from the cops affected by an unknown virus.

Play, shoot the world clear of evil

At the start of the game choose the type of weapon you're more used to shooting: pistol, machine gun, bazooka and more. After that, load onto the map and start moving in the mission from one marker to another. To get to the next mark you need to complete the task at the previous one. The task is simple - kill a certain number of infected police officers. Aim fast and try to move so that the policemen do not tear you apart. Quickly shoot cops that are acting like zombies. It looks like the Apocalypse is coming. In the game you can change the weapons available for combat and reload, recharge your ammo.

With each mark the locations become more and more confusing and complex. Realistic shooter game is available for free online without downloading on Zarium. Hurry to save the inhabitants of Minecraft from the terrible virus and do not fall under its influence.


Change weapon