"Rescue The Tribal Woman" Game

Original title: Rescue The Tribal Woman


You were walking through the woods and stumbled upon an amazing Mesozoic cave, but something is going on..

Follow the logical tests to get out of the trap.

In the semi-dark cave you have to search for the smallest clues that lead to a clue. Help the unfortunate prisoner, who has been forcibly imprisoned in a dungeon. Use your wits and wit, each pebble can be the answer to a question that hasn't yet been asked or made any sense. Any statue or drawing can shed light on where to look for the key to the door. The mass of exciting levels is amazing.

The game is controlled with the mouse. Play at Zarium for free without registration at any time of day or night. You only need to have an active internet connection. Do everything possible to escape from the trap unnoticed. Show your ingenuity.