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Logical online chess games

Play chess online at Zarium

As intellectual entertainment never loses its popularity, Zarium has a section dedicated to chess. Here you can play the game online from your PC or mobile device, try a classic game or choose one of the more modern variations. Any game presented on our site, bring you pleasure and help develop mental skills.
Internet makes chess even more accessible - now you do not need to buy a board and pieces and look for an opponent: just run the game with well-designed graphics and music.

What kinds of chess are on the site?

On this page you will find the following games:

There are also several electronic variations of the game of chess. Online competition begins with the standard arrangement of pieces, and in some cases - with a random position created using the game engine. Playing chess, you can distract from everyday worries and switch. Intelligent game trains logic and intelligence and helps to work out the important moments of the game: openings, middlegame and endgame.

Advantages of the online game

The convenience of the online game is to save time. You do not need to install additional software or pass registration. When creating games use popular engines that are configured for different levels of difficulty, so that beginners and experienced players can achieve success and want to move to the next level. If you master the game for beginners, you can move on to more complex variations, such as Random Chess or Chess Grandmaster.

In addition to the level, the player can choose:

  1. The color of the pieces and the turn order;
  2. Starting position;
  3. The principle of time control: per move, per game or without control.

Game developers recommend that beginners choose levels 1-3, more experienced players: 4-5, and high-level chess players: 6 and higher. Buttons are provided for control:

  • New Game - resets the result and starts a new contest at any time, as desired by the player.
  • Turn back - button cancels the action, but it is not recommended to do this, in order to get a valid result in the end, and in case of losing understand what the mistake was.
  • Move forward - return the previous move of the program, if the player has cancelled his own move before.

Run the game on its own terms and increase your chances of winning. Another advantage of playing with PC - the ability to start the game at any time, regardless of time zone. Chess lovers do not have to look for like-minded people ready to keep them company. Repeat the game or start over at any convenient time. You can take a break for a short game, while at work, to spend an hour with the benefit of your skills. Chess develops and distracts from the routine.

Another option is to run chess games to have fun with friends, play games against artificial intelligence together or take turns. People who like logical tasks will appreciate the large selection of chess variations.

Games presented by us, implemented in different ways and have different sized boards. Better to unfold the game full screen and fully immersed in the process of solving the problem. Displaying the game in full screen will help you better assess what is happening and not miss a single move of your opponent, fully concentrate on the process.

If the player has an urgent matter, he will be able to pause the game after a few moves, and then continue from this place. So, play chess will be able to a person who has very little free time. Try your hand and get new useful skills!