"3D Hartwig Chess" Game

Original title: 3D Hartwig Chess


Chess has been more than just a game since ancient times. It stimulated the development of art, literature and design. In the game 3D Hartwig Chess on Zarium you will also be offered to first customize your chessboard.

Hello, Grandmaster!

The sculptor Hartwig sensed the new trends in culture and used the effect of the convergence of the form of the chess pieces with the appearance of the board itself. So he anticipated the appearance of casual games with cubic characters. Customize the color and size of the board on Zarium, too, and get to the game.

When you choose a piece, you'll be shown the hints-directions of possible moves, according to the rules of the ancient game. Play with yourself with all the advantages of 3D: the board will automatically rotate towards you.

Dive into the exciting world of mind games and practice logic and strategy.