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Online games for children about animals

The first thing you will find in this category are animals - interactive characters that can tell themselves what they want and how the user should behave. Pets of these flashcards are often capricious and require special treatment! Next level - games with animals. And then the choice expands even more. Together with funny characters from the natural world to solve logical problems and take intricate quests. It is also possible to create their own characters and modify existing ones, to look after wild and domestic animals, as well as treat, rescue and educate them.

All these games have a great good design, colorful design and nice music. During spiritual stories involuntarily rest, relax and get positive energy, so we can say with confidence: communication with the virtual animal world as useful as taking care of real pets!

Games about animals for children presented on our website, can not leave indifferent young gamers and their parents. Our collection includes a huge selection of interactive characters: kittens, puppies, penguins, snails, pigs, bears, etc.

What games we offer?

Virtual animals are often demanding and capricious. They need time to feed, bathe, put to bed, walk. In this category you will also find exciting online games with animals.

Together with them have to perform various tasks:

  • pass quests;
  • solve logical problems;
  • solve puzzles;
  • color pictures;
  • Look for differences in the pictures.

You can create your own characters, improve their capabilities, modify them. In online games about animals have to show different skills: reaction rate, attention, logic, analytical thinking.

Our collection includes several dozen browser games that do not require installation. They have simple controls, original and easy plot.

Choose the best quests

The best games about animals for children:

All puzzles, quests, arcades with animals are free. To play any of them, just choose a suitable storyline and run the game through your browser on any gadget connected to the internet.

Very interesting and those projects where, together with the animals playing goes on some trip. First, in such a company just will not be bored, and secondly, you can learn a lot of interesting and educational. You may not believe it, but in the company of young Diego or Dasha - tracker, who always travel with their pets can learn a lot. A lot of games with their participation on the search for animals, there are among them and walkers, and games on logic or attention.

No less interesting to try yourself as a trainer. Even hard to imagine who in the virtual world you can not learn to perform the given commands. You can train here everyone from wavy parrots to dinosaurs. Agree that not everyone is able to organize a real performance in the circus arena or arrange a show involving dolphins. Not everyone can take part in the races at the racetrack either, unless, of course, the racetrack itself is virtual.