"Frenzy Chicken Farming" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Frenzy Chicken Farming


Frenzy Chicken Farming is a fun farm simulator in which you can experience all the hardships of farm life. Go through all the quests, and experience the delights of country life. To pass, you need energy, the initial supply of which is ten units. If you fail to pass a level the first time, the amount of energy will diminish. To renew it, you will have to wait some time. Control is done with the mouse. At each level you'll have to perform tasks for the allotted time on the timer. Hurry up, because if you complete the mission in the shortest possible time, you'll get a cash bonus. Raise chickens, collect eggs, breed new animals at more advanced levels. Sell the resulting products in town to earn more money for the development of the farm. Expand and increase your property in the game Frenzy Chicken Farming.