"Puppy Blast" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Puppy Blast


After watching the cartoon about the village of Prostokvashino, all the children went in search of hidden treasures. Tearing through all the sandboxes, the boys were disappointed - except for the sand there was nothing in them. But there is still a mysterious dungeon, where the treasure is definitely buried. Puppy Blast game offers boys and girls to go down into a dark dungeon, and take with a flashlight. To pave the way to the buried treasure, you must on the way to collect at least two dice of the same color, which will then disappear, opening the doorways to the mysterious passages. Some structures will simply disappear from the screen, others will explode. Jewels will go to the hero and the brave puppy Chappy, which is the fastest pass through the dungeon, making the minimum number of moves on the way. Collecting magic items, you can quickly reach the goal.


How to Play:- Select at least 2 same-color blocks to remove them- Select 5 or more blocks to create strong and explosive special block- Accomplish level targets within limited moves- Create power-ups strategically to achieve level targets