Online game "Lost Ark"

Lost Ark
  • Release date:
    27 October 2019
  • Game type:
  • Game website:
  • Operating system:
    Windows 7 / 8 / 10 — 64bit
  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
    Intel Core i3-3225 / AMD FX-6300
  • RAM:
  • Graphics card:
    NVidia GTX 460 / AMD R7 260
  • Disk space:
  • Internet:
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Lost Ark Game Review

In today's market of free online RPGs, perhaps the most important thing - to find your face, your chip, which would stand out the project against the backdrop of many similar ones. The authors of Lost Ark certainly succeeded. Despite the fact that the game made seemingly in the format of "another South Korean MMORPG", counting myriads of representatives, and for many they look to the outside looks similar and many of the same disparagingly called the "clones lineage" (that is Lineage). In fact, Lost Ark does not deserve such a treatment and can easily captivate even those who previously to this "Asian MMO" on the spirit not tolerated. Now we'll tell you why.

About the world and the story

The first differences are already apparent at the start. Lost Ark is set in a world called Acrasia. Problems in it are quite classic - invading demons from the Chaos dimension (called Fetrania), eternal wars, opening and closing rifts, through which all sorts of monsters rush here, and so on. As usual, much of this is due to trying to get hold of the extremely powerful artifact, the titular "arch", that is, the Ark. It is his shards that we must search for.

However, the authors, based on such a fairly standard plot, created a huge interesting world, including many races and continents with their own concerns and stories. And this allowed them to come up with a separate prologue for each of the professions they choose at the start - just like in the best classic RPGs like Dragon Age. And it's not a couple of quests that explain the backstory of the character, but the full-fledged story chapters, you absolutely do not want to skip (although it is possible).
We are immediately introduced to what is happening to this world and how it has come to live like this
Although it's understandable why I don't want to. A lot of quests; high-quality, perfectly voiced (including in Russian) dialogues; the dynamics of events; spectacular cutscenes and clips - all this immediately configures the fact that we are not a ditty or a background for non-stop chopping monsters for money and experience, but, once again, a full-fledged story RPG.

For example, if you choose an assassin, then you will be involved in a covert operation to find and destroy their former associate, who betrayed the Order and went over to the side of the dark forces. Naturally, everything will not go according to plan. If you start playing mage, you will witness an insidious and full-scale demonic attack on the wizards' ancestral home. And you will be forced to take on the role of the only chosen one, who with the help of higher powers will stop the enemy.

And each time it is a completely different location, entourage and the atmosphere itself. In the first case - gloomy gothic and rain, in the second - classic picturesque elven landscapes with a riot of colors and flowers.
There's nothing wrong with the design of the locations and architecture
But if you play as a shooter, you will find a typical steampunk or, if you want, post-apocalyptic in the spirit of Fallout - dusty sandy cities, bars, some laboratories, mad scientists in exoskeletons and robots. The story here is about how the main character and his partner tried to steal and sell a powerful artifact and what happened. Both the warrior and the monk have their own prologue.

Then begins common for all story with the search of Ark fragments, but you can not call it boring. Here players are waiting for a lot of quests and adventures in a vast open world, in different regions and even on different continents. You can travel not only on your own, but also with personal transport (for example, a horse or a wolf) and accompanied by a pet, which collects trophies for you and strengthens the parameters of the owner.
To the grim murderer - and a horse to match
Yes, of course, most quests boil down to the need to kill someone, collect something, bring or bring back something, protect someone, and so on. But all of this is set up as in narrative role-playing games, with many quests accompanied by quite ironic dialogues or involving various scandals, intrigue, and, as they say, investigations. For example, having left the big and prosperous city to perform another errand, we have half an hour later will have to return here to protect it from a sudden night invasion of demons and save the terrified residents from the fire.
The plot has many intrigues and unexpected moves

About the sea and adventures together

In other words, Lost Ark can be played as a full-fledged single-player RPG. And after reaching level 50 of the character and completing the main (but not all) story quests becomes even more interesting. In addition to the previously mentioned race for artifacts there are other activities. For example, it opens up the possibility of sea travel - to move between continents, to explore islands, some joint adventures, catching fish, hunting for special ghost ships and so on.

Sea travel is really a full-fledged part of the gameplay. We have to recruit a crew by focusing on character stats - how they affect speed, shooting efficiency, ability to successfully survive storms and other natural disasters, and so on. All ships can be upgraded, gaining access to more advanced models, and all sorts of decorations - for example, by choosing colors and patterns for the sails to your liking.
Naturally, during maritime adventures you can and should look for treasure
There are different secret quests, no less secret dungeons and their own unique stories on each new continent. You even get the opportunity to have your own manor, to develop and decorate it in every way, to build useful buildings like a laboratory and a workshop there in order to conduct all sorts of research and create various items. There is also a separate layer of adventure associated with the manor - for example, you can send sea expeditions from there, which bring resources and rewards.

But most importantly, there are more activities associated not only with some plot and single events, but also with different cooperative trials. Yes, during the main quests of the campaign you can also clear dungeons by teaming up with other players, but after reaching level 50 (and high level of equipment) more advanced options for such activities open up.

There are, for example, joint raids on Guardians, special characters who play a huge role in all these demonic invasions and rifts. There's also the Chaos Chambers, which you can go into proudly alone, but it's better, of course, to create or seek out a group. Here in the allotted time, moving from one location to another, you have to manage to kill a certain number of monsters to fill 100% of the special counter.
There are not just many enemies in the Chambers of Chaos, but VERY many
Interesting and tests in the Towers of Shadows, where you have to consistently climb the floors and try to survive. The higher you climb, the stronger the monsters and bosses, and the better the reward. Go to the Towers allowed only by yourself, but after you pass 10 floors (of the 50) open the opportunity to participate in the so-called "cubes" - it is just a joint group trial, where you want to consistently perform all sorts of tasks.

And then there's the "Test Path" - here you have to defeat more and more powerful bosses, appearing in each wave (of which there are 15) in a certain amount of time. This activity also becomes available after completing 10 floors in the Tower.

About battles with other players

As you have already understood, Lost Ark is more about story, quests and adventures, including cooperative. But, of course, here you can also fight with other players. And if up to level 50 allowed to participate only in duels, when you throw the gauntlet to someone in particular, then after open three types of mass brawls, where everyone can demonstrate their superiority over the enemies: the Arena, Ristalische and the Battle Royale.

In the Arena, two teams of three players each fight, and the winner is the team with the most points awarded for killing their opponents. The Rivalry also takes two groups of the same size, but there the fighters take turns fighting one on one, and the loser is replaced by the next member of the opposing team. Based on the order in which they enter the "ring", each is assigned a different role in the battle: instigator, punisher, or avenger.
The entrances to the portals leading to these trials are always crowded
And "Battle Royale" in Lost Ark is called the classic "Deathmatch" of online shooters: six users knead each other, without thinking about any team interaction. Whoever kills the most and earns the most glory points for it is the winner.

Want to take part in battles with other players? Leave a request on the special board, which can be found in any major city. Interestingly, for such battles the strength of the characters is equalized and balanced - so that the battles were as fair as possible and success in them depended on the skill, not on the level or equipment.

Well, of course, in Lost Ark, too, it is possible to create their own or join existing guilds (permanent associations of users). And those are pumped up, do research and discover their members especially powerful skills, which are just useful during the battles between these groups of players.
For example, there are battles for special Silmael crystals, where the faction that captures more of these stones and their fragments wins. There is also a mode "Elimination", where members of the same guild are trying to defeat the incredibly dangerous World Bosses as quickly as possible and seize the territory associated with them to possess it to get various bonuses.

All the bosses are extremely difficult, each need to find their own tactics, looking for their weaknesses. And battles take place in several stages and in different regions. So you won't get bored. So before you start you can and should prepare for the battle in a special camp, buy potions, repair equipment. And then, after praying, go into the portal leading to the boss - you can only go back dead. After resurrection you have to jump into the same portal again and rush to help your own. And so - until you defeat the monster or everyone dies.
There are enough monsters and bosses to go around

About classes and character development

The described battles, challenges, raids and adventures involve players of different classes. However, initially we do not even choose a class, but an archetype - it can be a warrior, archer, mage, assassin or a monk, betting on the martial arts. And after you reach level 10, you need to choose an additional specialization. We have assassins who can use the power of Chaos with their paired blades, these options are only two - Fury and Blade of Death. But they are very powerful. And, for example, a monk (or rather, a nun) has as many as four: Spear Master, Ki-master, Dualist and Avatar, who fights exclusively with his steel fists and is considered the fastest class in the game.
I wonder why you always want to play as a girl in these games?
Each specialization, of course, has its own pros and cons, its own set of equipment, its own unique combat skills. In addition, representatives of different classes accumulate different energy in battle to apply the most powerful abilities. For example, assassins can take demonic form in this way for a while. But magicians call upon the elemental spirits. And if passing the first story tasks to know these nuances is not so important, then in the later stages and especially in joint raids and battles between the players it is the correct use of class skills and roles determines the success.
Naturally, the game has an advanced character editor, a lot of defiantly beautiful hairstyles and costumes
The fact is that the combat system in Lost Ark is also very non-trivial. There is no possibility to simply mark the enemy with the mouse and automatically "call" him - it uses the "non-targeting" mechanics, when we do not select the target, but hit in the chosen direction. And it's important to correctly apply and combine combat skills, so they can be put together into effective combos, that's where the key to success lies. And a simple attack does very little damage.
That's where we almost killed them all with one combo
Of course, also a lot depends on the equipment, which in Lost Ark you can do everything that is usually done in any self-respecting RPG - improve with the system of hardening, engraving, which also gives useful additions to the parameters of the character, combine, assembling powerful sets, and so on. In addition, there is a unique system of "tripods" - special effects that apply only to weapons and armor and are randomly dropped when you get things.
It is the level of equipment that determines the ability to access many activities and adventures in the game
Another interesting mechanic makes the role-playing system in Lost Ark unique. In parallel with increasing the level of your character, you also develop a "legacy" level for the entire account, which gives bonuses to certain parameters and opens up new possibilities for all the heroes you create. For example, a special shared account stockpile allows you to transfer equipment between your fighters.

Finally, in Lost Ark we pump up not only some combat skills and parameters, but also our reputation and relations with other characters. The game has a system of personality, which is determined by the tendency to intelligence, bravery, generosity or charisma. By developing these parameters (bravery, for example, increases in battle, and intelligence - while exploring the world), we unlock additional opportunities, missions and activities. In particular, improve relationships with the inhabitants of Acrasia, for which there is a separate layer of quests to win sympathy. You have to complete tasks, give gifts, play different musical instruments and even dance - it's with these "reputation missions" that many funny humorous moments in the game are connected.
With musical instruments you can even get into some interesting location


Lost Ark is certainly one of the most important, notable, beautiful, and densely populated MMORPGs on the Russian market, which, most importantly, has managed to find its face. Sea travel, the "Legacy" system, unique storylines for different classes, building relationships with other characters, many cities and continents, interesting cooperative activities - all this noticeably sets the project apart from competitors. In addition, the game is constantly evolving. More recently, in October, released Lost Ark 2.0, which added a lot of interesting things, including another continent, a more convenient system of pumping equipment (hardening mechanics), new sea adventures, and so on. There is an opportunity to choose: one character to pass, conditionally, the story, and the other instantly raise to level 50 and immediately get access to many advanced classes, which are not allowed to less experienced heroes: joint raids, guild wars, etc. So now is a great time for newcomers to get acquainted with this wonderful game.

November 2020