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Logical online games of checkers

Checkers game online: spend your free time with benefit

If you like solving puzzles, try your hand at intellectual sports. Perhaps you are already fond of checkers or chess. Nowadays, if you like this kind of entertainment, you don't have to look for a suitable opponent to play - just go to Zarium and play the game you like. Even if you prefer offline entertainment, constant practice and playing against the artificial intelligence will be a good training and will help to pass the time with benefit. Choose the right level of difficulty: to assess your strength, you can start with the easiest, and then, making progress, win more and more!

The variety of games on our site

On this page you will find the following types of checkers:

Choose the entertainment to your taste and try your hand!

Checkers Rules

The game originated in Egypt, and modern rules appeared in the times of Peter I. The rules of the game are indistinguishable from the usual game on a wooden board. It is her image will see the player after loading the selected puzzle. The board is a field of 8x8 or 10x10 black and white cells, on which 12 white and black knuckles are exposed at an angle.

The principle of the game is simple: light figures can only move on white squares, dark figures - on the same principle. The owner of the white pieces makes the first move. Moves are made only on the diagonal, one cell forward. If the diagonal turns out to be an opponent's piece with an empty square behind, you can move to an empty square and eliminate the enemy knuckle from the field.

With a little practice you can learn to remove several pieces at once from the field in one move and win quickly. The main goal of the game, as in chess - to permanently remove the enemy's knuckle from the field. Winning brings a piece that came out in the "queens. To do this, you need to spend a knuckle to the opposite edge of the board, which was occupied by the enemy pieces. Unlike the usual knuckle, "Damka" can move any number of cells.

Why Play Draughts on Zarium?

We have a wide range of varieties of the game: if you get bored with the chosen application - feel free to run another one. We do everything possible to make checkers fans satisfied. We offer players:

  • A simple interface with a fascinating design;
  • Ability to save the history of games and add your favorite entertainment to Favorites;
  • Ready answers to common questions;
  • Playing online without registration.

You can run the game on any device: PC or portable. Practice logic games can be a person of any age. Checkers will help to switch from everyday life, help develop logical thinking and concentration. Gameplay - the best solution to while away the lunch break or evening. Checkers is an intellectual pastime, which you can win only if you think strategically.

The main advantage of browser entertainment - the ability to play at any time of day, use the recommendations and tips, to get acquainted with the rules, increasing your skill and at a comfortable pace. We offer:

  • Access to the game at any time of the day or night;
  • The game is not limited in time;
  • A large selection of playing fields with an unusual design;
  • Constantly expanding range of games;
  • Constantly updated interface.

Develop strategic thinking, imagination, logic, and mathematical abilities, spend your time with benefit and pleasure. Games are designed to make every game exciting and fair. Uninterrupted internet access and a flash player, which can be installed for free in a couple of clicks, are enough to start the game. Play and win - the success of the game depends only on your experience and professionalism!