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New Logical online games of checkers

New games of a checkers: modern interpretations of the classic game

Checkers is a fascinating game that requires the player to think strategically and anticipate his opponent's moves. Checkers is similar to chess, but its rules are easier to understand, which allows you to get the hang of the game faster. Today the culture of board logic games have not disappeared - it only moved to the Web in the form of fascinating flash games. Entertainment presented on this page will help the newcomer to get the hang of the game rules and develop their skills, and an experienced player - to find an opponent of the appropriate level.

The transition of the game to online has been influenced by the extensive programming capabilities. The first electronic algorithm for the game was created in 2007. A wide variety of games and their new versions help to keep the interest of professional players. On this page you can win one of the following entertainments:

  1. Master of Checkers;
  2. Rage Checkers;
  3. Legendary Checkers;
  4. Master of Checkers Multiplayer;
  5. Maurice's Nine Men.

History of the appearance of the game

It is unknown when this game originated, but checkers is an ancient pastime. Because of the simple rules, such games have been developed at different times by different peoples: both Eastern and European. Today all the variety has formed a category of checkers games, in which you can easily find entertainment to your liking. From other flash games a checkers differ in that the result of the party is influenced not by luck, and the skills of opponents.

Checkers variants:

  • International;
  • Altaic;
  • Armenian;
  • Turkish;
  • Spanish;
  • Canadian; Canadian;
  • Brazilian;
  • English;
  • Russian; Russian;
  • Italian.

If you used to play checkers on the board, controlling the pieces in the flash game will not be very difficult: using the mouse or the sensor you can quickly move a piece to the desired position.

Standard Rules of the Game

Knowing the standard rules will help make your first steps on the board easier. At the beginning you should play with simpler pieces, and strive to raise them to "ladies". The player's goal is to move the pieces across the field and raise their value or block the opponent's pieces so they can't move. "Queens" can walk not one cell forward, but overcome several divisions in any direction, but, necessarily respecting the diagonal. In order to eliminate an opponent's piece from the board, the square behind this piece must be empty.

The checker moves only diagonally, one free cell forward. If there are enemy pieces that can be eliminated, they must be removed. There is only one rule for this action: the square behind the piece must be free.

If there are several pieces on the player's path to remove, they must be beaten, even if the action is disadvantageous.

A few important features of the gameplay:

  • If there is an option to make a move in different directions, choose either one only if there are the same number of skirmishes on both sides. If there are more of them in one case, you need to make that particular move.
  • If your piece has become a "king", but there are still enemy pieces on the board, destroy them in a new status, with the ability to move a few cells.

The advantages of virtual competition

Play checkers online you can in your lunch break or while playing a boring evening. You can relax and win, play any desired number of games to try different variations of the game. We advise you to carefully read the recommendations of the developers of a particular application, so as not to lose their figures, finding out that in this game you can walk backwards.

Our site has everything possible to take your time to try all variations of checkers and get maximum enjoyment. Immerse yourself in the game and spend your time pleasantly and profitably: training logical thinking, attention and assiduity.