"Checkers Legend" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Checkers Legend


Checkers Legend is an unbeatable game for whom checkers has become a lifestyle. The app will give you a fair game with great opponents. So don't procrastinate and start on your way to victory. Move your pieces forward diagonally and move to the enemy's field. Destroy the opponent's pieces and move to the queens. Take the best positions and leave no one a chance to get ahead of you. This is one of the oldest games, so there are a million variations, but this strategy game offers you the classic puzzle version. Before you start, be sure to reread the rules so you remember all the nuances of the game.


Move your stones diagonally forward and capture opponent stones by jumping over them. It is a very well-known and simple board game for two players, so you can find the basic rules anywhere. There are more variants how to play this game, so we provide options to set additional rules the way you like – for example whether men can capture backwards, how far a king can move, or if available captures are mandatory moves.