"Reversi" Game

Original title: Reversi


Do you want to become a real king of strategies? Then Reversi is what you've always been looking for! Start fighting with a friend or bot, and in time you will learn to win even in difficult battles!

Become a Real Strategist with a Friend in Reversi

Do you like strategy games? It's time to test yourself in the mega cool game Reversi. Win or lose in this game, you'll get stronger step by step. Practice with it every day and soon you will become a real master of strategies!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating game of Reversi. Choose your color, and start capturing territories. To do so, jump over enemy counters (which can be either your friend or a bot) vertically, horizontally, or vertically. After the jump your opponent's tokens will change color and the score will change.

You can monitor the distribution of forces in the battle by observing the information board on the left.


Click any board tile with a sign to convert your opponent pieces.