"Guest House Escape" Game

Original title: Guest House Escape


Our hero goes to the address left for him by an old acquaintance. He has no idea what he will have to go through this weekend. Everything began innocuously enough with a walk around the manor house. But soon the situation began to unfold not in favor of the protagonist.

In Guest House Escape, find your way out of the house

While our hero was unpacking his suitcases, the owner of the manor disappeared somewhere, and even locked the door behind him. Perhaps he did it automatically and did not mean anything bad. In any case, you must find a way out of the house as soon as possible. Somewhere in this building there must be a spare key to the front door. You just have to figure out where the owner hid it. Look around all the rooms in the game, clicking on items to find clues. Some of them won't be easy to get to because they are hidden behind puzzles. Use your wits and solve them all and don't stay in one place for long.