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Solitaire card games online

The world of solitaire is too diverse to talk about it in two words. Solitaire - just one of the types, we can say, one of the most popular. Here you have to collect cards by suit and in the correct sequence, but the first must be an ace. This section contains several dozen different card games, between which there are small differences in compliance with the general rules.

Varieties of solitaire games

Want to collect combinations, overcoming all kinds of difficulties? And they will, because the deck will not always lie down exactly as you want. Have to shake it periodically, so to speak, in the hope that the cards will fall out as necessary. But, of course, no one is immune to failure. In this case, you can start over or even open another puzzle - the choice is huge.

Be sure to pay attention to the following solitaire games:

  • For fans of the classics: Classic Solitaire Klondike, Classic Solitaire, Classic Solitaire Deluxe, etc.
  • With a twist: Solitaire Six Tops, Reynart Cards, Crazy Hen: Solitaire, etc.
  • With a geographical bent: Space Run, Amazing Klondike Solitaire, Algerian Patience, Algerian Solitaire, Kisses in Music Class, etc.
  • Christmas ones, carrying with them the appropriate atmosphere: the Free Cell Christmas Solitaire, the Klondike Christmas Solitaire, etc.

And, of course, do not ignore the exciting games of Pyramid, Wasp and others. Collect the cards, lay them out according to the task of each particular game, be sure to read the rules and be prepared for the fact that you get a lot of interesting combinations.

Features of popular solitaire solitaire games

In all card games of this type it is necessary to collect some groups or combinations of cards, be sure to follow the sequence, sometimes it can happen that no matter how hard you try to get the card you need, you can not do it. Then you may have help from the joker - it is not always used, so you need to take this feature into account. Or you might just have to leave the solitaire unassembled. But in such cases you can not worry too much and do not consider yourself a loser, because it's not even a loss. Reset the card, and you are sure to be lucky next time!

If you've never played solitaire card games before, we recommend you to start with games from this list. Here the most exciting and interesting plots. In order to win, you will need all the wit and extraordinary thinking. Games are so exciting and engaging that the time will just fly by. Spend your free time usefully, a break from the surrounding reality.