"Aunt Mary Solitaire" Game

Original title: Aunt Mary Solitaire


This game is similar to Yukon Solitaire, but with slight differences that may require you to change your strategy. At the beginning of the game, 6 cards are dealt to each of the 6 stacks. The first stack has all 6 cards face up, the second stack has 5 cards face up, and so on until the last stack has 1 card up. The remaining cards make up the deck.

The goal of the game is to move all cards into the 4 stacks of House, which are laid out from Ace to King according to suit. The stacks of decays are constructed of alternate colors and each time you can move any sequence of decayed cards and move them to another stack of decays according to the rule. If the layout stack becomes empty, you can move only the king to the empty space. You may also reveal one card from the deck and put it into the table deck according to the rule. You can also put a card from the warehouse or from the layout into the House, as long as you follow the rules. When cards are used, they remain used and no re-distribution is allowed. With careful analysis and some luck, you can move all cards to Houses. The more cards you can put into the House, the higher your score will be.


Challenging solitaire card game that is similar to Yukon Solitiare