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Music arcade games online

Can you boast a musical ear? Even if a bear has treaded on your ear, you'll enjoy playing exciting music arcades. Feel like a composer, pianist or rock musician. Maybe your tune will turn out even better and more interesting than the original.

Browser music games have the following differences:

  • The game may not be directly related to music. For example, you can collect puzzles to the accompaniment of jazz music.
  • Create a rock band. Another interesting kind of musical arcade in which you need not only to collect the team, but also to lead it to success.
  • Dexterity Game. Tap the keys, playing on an improvised piano famous tune. It's important to hit the keys correctly and in time.
  • Music Rush. Have an endless race for the balls with dynamic music.

Browser music games will surprise you with their intensity, variety. We have selected the best arcade games that allow you to enjoy not only the game story, but also the driving music.

Best musical arcades:

Choose the most musical arcades

Become the captain of a fun submarine. Controls won't be difficult, because you'll only need to move up and down. But don't forget that on your way you can meet all kinds of obstacles. Skillfully avoid them, otherwise you will have to start the level from the beginning. Also watch for the asterisks, that will appear on your way. You need to collect them as much as possible to increase your chances of winning. The main difference of this toy is the beautiful music that accompanies all the player's actions.

Train your ears. In game form it is very exciting to do so. At your disposal will be the ball, which should be thrown to different objects. They all make different sounds. Your task is to repeat them as accurately as possible. Practice hard, and soon you can collect your own music track.

Turn into a real king of strings. You'll have a guitar in your hands, and several musical compositions will be available. Choose the one you like the most. Note that all the tunes differ in difficulty, which is indicated by the number of stars. Calculate your abilities and take up playing on a stringed instrument. Do not worry if you have never held in his hands a real guitar. The game will be easier than in real life. Just keep a close eye on the fingerboard and press the appearing notes. So you will become a performer of the most beautiful live music.

Plug in your headphones and play free arcade games in transport, at work, in cafes. Without downloading, online, at any convenient time. They will be available on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The catalog contains games of varying difficulty, which are suitable for players of all ages.