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Drifting in online racing games

Want to distract from the gray of everyday life and conquer the real race tracks? Then quick start one of the games of this selection and become a member of a virtual race with drifting! But do not forget that under the hood of your car hides about 900 horsepower, so they need to manage, applying all their driving skills.

Games related to drifting - it's not race in the traditional sense of the story. But also related to the cars and the skill of the driver. Drift - is a controlled skidding, when the car is not skidding by inertia and obeying the skills and actions of a talented racer. Special chic - to perform this technique on different coatings - snow, ice surfaces, on mud or wet asphalt.

Choosing among the games of the category of drifting, you should pay attention to the plots. They are a huge variety. The leader of professional stunt driving - the ability to perfectly duplicate the path of the car ahead. This is the highest aerobatics of skill and talent. On the second place is simply racing with drifting elements. For perfectly performed stunts player get extra points, nice bonuses and other attractive rewards. There are also masters competitions, drifting training, street racing and other auto games where drifting can and should be used for better passing of the plot. During the races, the player is offered: to replace the car with a more powerful or maneuverable one, improve its individual characteristics, change the site and much more. The totality of the bonuses and pleasant conditions, as well as the driving plot itself makes drifts very popular among gamers.

Online races with drifting are spectacular and dynamic. They let you feel a lot more joy, excitement and adrenaline, than ordinary motorcycle and car racing. Players have a wide range of cars that can develop a mind-blowing speed: BMW, Lamborghini, Corvette, Porsche.

What games we offer visitors to our site?

Our selection of browser games of racing genre contains the best drifts, stunts and only maximum drifting on the most unimaginable tracks. On this page you will find exciting 3D racing, which will give a lot of unforgettable impressions. They are characterized by realism, so they will allow players to fully immerse themselves in a world of excitement, drive, high speed.

We have collected for you only the best drift racing, such as:

All browser-based online races are free. To plunge into a world of high speed, you do not need to install additional software, register on the website. Just run any game in your browser and enjoy the dynamic gameplay!

Many tracks, a variety of machines and very easy control - that's what distinguishes online games about drifting from other racing games. If you are already tired of the usual races, just grab the keys, turn on the ignition and go for more victories!