Online game "Reborn Online"

Reborn Online
  • Release date:
    21 November 2013
  • Game type:
  • Game website:
  • Operating system:
    Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
    Intel Pentium 4 2Ghz
  • RAM:
  • Graphics card:
    GeForce 7600GT / Radeon X1600XT
  • Disk space:
  • Internet:

Reborn Online Game Review

Reborn Online was released in 2013, but it still remains one of the most noticeable, democratic (and fair to the user), convenient and picturesque among South Korean MMORPGs - and it is able to surprise even those who, it seems, have already seen everything in the market of such games. All the details in our review.

About the world and the story

The game universe itself is not particularly surprising - it is a world of very popular Scandinavian mythology. The starting point of the plot is the rebellion of the Aesir (the main inhabitants of northern Olympus) led by Loki against the supreme god Odin. The reason for the conflict is Odin's betrayal during the war with the ice giants, to whom he gave the children of the Creator himself, the brothers Isam and Ivis, in exchange for Asgard's independence. The latter also had their hands in blood, but as a result many of the Aesir secretly or explicitly condemned their leader.

But the rebellion failed; the soul of the revolution's leader exploded into many shards that turned everyone who touched them into demons, and the rebels themselves were degraded to mortals and stripped of their divine powers. However, and Odin no good - Hel, mistress of the world of the dead, also beloved Loki, arranged so that the Asgard constantly crowd demons, and the gods themselves, led by their supreme ruler because of the curse can not leave the celestial city without losing supernatural abilities.

There was no way out, and Odin summoned the aid of the mortal descendants of those aces who had rebelled against him. In exchange for assistance in solving the problems with Hel and her hordes, he promises them the return of their divine essence and its associated privileges.
This is the plot of the story - we, as you have guessed, play as one of these descendants, who responded to the call of the cornered supreme god. Naturally, there's a certain catch, an intrigue connected with the uneasy relationship between Odin and the Aesir oppositions. Nevertheless, our adventures begin with standard quests - kill 10 spoiled fairies, go there, fetch that. There are more interesting things - we heal the wounded, deal with weapon shortages, help repel attacks by demons and some maddening poisonous spores. Somewhere we even have to correctly answer questions about the game's world.

So the authors familiarize users with the various mechanics of Reborn Online, but at the same time they do not forget to periodically throw up interesting surprises. When it seems that we've already seen all this in other similar MMOs, we suddenly by quest... are launched into the flight on a strange flying machine - on the mission, we have to test it. And then, once in Asgard itself, we see how other, much steeper and more pumped-up players... ride around on cool bikes. In the city of Scandinavian gods... under the side of Odin... while someone nearby is riding a huge cat... Yes, Reborn Online really knows how to surprise..

About classes and character development

Surprise is capable and the class system implemented in Reborn Online. To be more exact, at first it's just not there at all. At the start when you create your character you choose your ace's sex and appearance (there are several variants of hairstyles, costumes and so on, everything is classic) and also his weapon. And then up to the 20th level all players use in battles the same skills, and the difference is determined just by the weapon used. At the same time the combat system itself is "targeted", that is, to inflict damage you must first select the enemy as a target, then activate different skills and conduct techniques: in the process of fighting accumulates "rage", the outpouring of which allows you to cause much more damage.

And when you reach level 20 you can choose one of the four basic classes - mage, warrior, bard or archer. The main tools of the warrior - axe and hammer of Thor the thunder god, capable of destroying many enemies and instill fear in them. His skills among other things allow you to stun a selected target or damage all the enemies around at once. As he develops, he can become a Berserker or a Guardian with high protection.
The archer, as usual, relies on the faithful bow, capable of penetrating even powerful armor, and the hero himself, thanks to the remarkable dexterity, can dodge several attacks at once. In the arsenal of this class there are combat skills that slow down and even immobilize targets. Among the advanced versions of this profession there are Assassin, who inflicts huge damage, and Hunter, who is skilled in immobilizing his enemies.

Mage with a staff is able to teleport, cripple crowds of enemies at a distance, throw them away, slow them down with cold, knock them out with lightning for a while. Deciding to go the way of the sorcerer, then you will choose between Archimage, betting on quick spell-reading, and Mystic, able to repel enemies. Finally, the bard in Reborn Online performs the role of support, healing comrades with the chant of his lyre and even resurrecting fallen allies. However, if anything, he is able to stand up for himself. And among the advanced specializations - healer, focusing on healing, and spellcaster, endowed with dark forces that reduce the agility of enemies and weaken their combat skills.
From level 15 each hero can get at his disposal personal elves, they come in different qualities and degrees of leveling. These creatures will fly around, giving the owner all sorts of useful bonuses. For example, you can choose one that increases your magic attack. Or, on the contrary, one that is sharpened for physical damage. To increase the efficiency of little helpers you have to feed them, develop them in different ways, and take care of them. Also they can be strengthened by means of souls. But it's worth it - with an elf the character gets new levels faster.

Equipment also plays a huge role in the development of the hero: it comes in different qualities (there are, including the legendary), it can be created and improved with the necessary ingredients and resources. Strengthen equipment in Reborn Online allowed a lot of ways - runes, gems, holy signs, magic stars. That is, as you can see, this aspect of the game is paid increased attention

Recently there is also the possibility to get and create different kinds of wings, which give powerful bonuses to the character's characteristics. Gems and holy signs are not useful for improving the wings, but sharpening, smelting spirits and magic of the stars are quite suitable.
Finally, the pinnacle of character development in Reborn Online is the possibility, just like in Skyforge, to become a god. You remember that we play here as the descendants of the Aesir who were deprived of their divine powers in a "voluntary-forced" manner, and Odin promised to return them in exchange for help. Upon reaching level 30, you must take a special task "purification of the soul", after which it will be possible to apply the appropriate skill, use potions purification, to accumulate his "faith" and translate it into "divinity". And this, in turn, is spent on achieving higher and higher ranks - hero, demigod, god, and so on, which allows you to transform for a time into a guardian angel and use powerful abilities. For example, already at the first rank ("Hero") you can use the abilities "God of Death" (deals huge damage to all surrounding enemies and also curses them) and "Justice", which not only maim enemies, but also reduces their attack power and gives powerful enhancements to your character.

About game modes

As in most similar projects, in Reborn Online you can fight with different monsters and demons, as well as with other players. On the first option is a special bet - by virtue of the plot itself. In addition to assignments for the killing of ordinary creatures can always go down in a group of at least three people in a dungeon, where the heroes are waiting for the elite monsters, and accordingly, high rewards. However, you can not do it permanently - first of all, with each descent into the catacombs the level of fatigue of the character increases. Secondly, there is a restriction - you can visit no more than 10 different dungeons per day.

As for battles with other players, it is ideal to do so in the mode of battle guilds (permanent communities of users) for the land. Guilds are allowed to create from level 25. Joining one of them, you will get a lot of benefits (e.g. the ability to trade, as well as learn and apply special skills), but it imposes certain obligations - in fact you need to constantly participate in the life of the team and help companions, work for the common cause. For example, you will have to perform tasks related mainly to the collection of resources.
So, during battles for lands, you have to capture and hold control points. The attacking side is allowed to summon other guilds as allies, but the defenders, because their positions are initially stronger, do not have this option.

But there is an opportunity in Reborn Online to fight with other users and outside of the guild wars - just attack any random passers-by to get their equipment. You can do this starting at level 20. True, then you become a so-called PK - player killer. Karma will decrease, and the icon above the character will flash red. And eventually the hunt will begin on you. True, there's an interesting nuance - the karma is reduced only if you're in "war mode", which allows you to kill everyone indiscriminately. But if you switch on the "conflict mode", then you can attack only those who are ready to fight with other players, but at the same time you won't touch the peaceful characters.


In Reborn Online there are many more interesting things: special events, festivals, costumes, clans (smaller in number, but no less cohesive than a guild, a community of 10 people), weddings (there are even special skills for couples), pets that automatically collect trophies falling out of enemies, and so on. But most importantly - it is a picturesque, beautiful (despite its age), democratic and comfortable MMORPG, where newcomers are literally leading by the hand, immediately showered with rewards and experience, allow you to use automatic running to a chosen location or character (even on your riding animal in this mode, you climb automatically and just get down when you enter into battle). Therefore, you can get the hang of it and start playing fully without investing real money. Although, like everywhere else, there are premium stores and other opportunities to make life easier with micropayments. So it makes sense to try Reborn Online - and then it's up to you to decide whether it's worth adding real rubles or to continue playing at your own pace.

November 2020