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New HTML online mini-games for the browser

A special category of browser games online, which is worth paying attention. This is - exciting entertaining and not only stories that are created on the platform HTML5. How are they different from the masses of others? The individuality of the applications creates a platform on which they are created: the presence and installation of flash player is not necessary. And this shows that it has become much easier to enjoy fascinating online applications. A browser is required, and there is no need to install and constantly update the flash player. Run the game and enjoy the exciting adventures you've been dreaming about for a long time. In this case, the application, which are installed on the platform HTML5 is not at all lost variety. That is why the popularity of the section is increasing. Online games of the new category have clear graphics, a variety of story lines, a huge choice of directions.

How to start playing

Section online games on the platform HTML5 collected a lot of different applications. This is done so that everyone can find their own special one. For convenience, as well as for those who want to play, have fun and develop not be confused, the category has subsections. By clicking on one of them, the player enters a separate block with thematic game offers. It remains to choose a game, begin to actively improve their skills or expand their horizons.

Subsections of the site contain:

  • shooters and races;
  • sports and developmental;
  • for boys and girls;
  • arcade and tanks;
  • About animals and logical;
  • Arcade and many other exciting suggestions.

For boys and girls and their parents

Puzzles, puzzles, coloring books are loved by children of all ages. In this case, for girls and boys created separate subsections with thematic online games. So for the guys are invited to play in the tanks, chess, racing and add puzzles with the image of cars, aircraft. Girls - to paint princesses, collect a picture of the pieces and get cute pandas or cute kittens, puppies. And you can dive into the world of style and fashion, creating interesting makeup and outfits.

For those who have decided to devote their lives to nature, has an entrepreneurial streak, you can always create your own farm: grow vegetables and sell at a comparable price. Want to take up the challenge of the invaders, the rival races and prove their superiority? In the section new games on the platform HTML5 you can find everything you can think or dream about. Fantasy of modern game developers is limitless.

The section offers to play a special sports games and arrange the competition. Show leadership qualities you can in the race or during a game of chess. Have fun with the new card and board games. Adventures are waiting here for the youngest visitors, schoolchildren and their parents.