"Sort Hoop" Game

Original title: Sort Hoop


Want to test your dexterity and marksmanship - then the game Sort Hoop will help you with this. And also it is useful speed of reaction. It is necessary to act very quickly and do not get distracted for a second. At the beginning of the screen you can see the columns, which are located at a certain distance from each other. On one of them are already strung multicolored rings hoops. Strictly on the signal you need to quickly carry the circles on the other columns. But sort them by color. Do this very quickly, then you will get the maximum number of points. If you make a mistake, the game comes to an end and you will have to start all over again. Well, you're already focused - time is not waiting - it's already counting down the seconds. Hurry up.


select same color hoop move to place on each other