"Merge Number Puzzle" Game

Original title: Merge Number Puzzle


The game is based on fast reactions, as well as the application of logic and attentiveness. The online game Merge Number Puzzle on Zarium can grab you for a long time.

Let all the numbers get right.

This game has two modes - Classic and Adventure. In Classic, you see a playing field of 5 vertical lines. Only even numbers starting with 2 fall on top of the field. You need to put similar numbers on top of each other or next to each other. From this they add up, and you continue to play gaining more and more points. The game comes to an end when you can collect the number 2048. The game will also stop when a full vertical row of numbers is lined up and there are no moves left. You won't win, but you can start over for a better result.

In Adventure you will have an 8x6 playing field in front of you. Here you have to move the numbers one by one by moving them to the right, left, up or down. You can move the numbers around the whole playing field. The number row starts with 2. When two identical numbers are matched, the next number in the number row appears. There is a game timer. When it expires another row of random numbers is added from below. Here you need to hurry up for action, or the rows will fill the playing field to the top, and the score will seem small.

Don't be sad if you fail. Start over. The game is exciting and comfortable.


Tap and drag