"Bloxorz" Game

Original title: Bloxorz


Another great game for fans of various puzzles, where you have to use arrows or WASD to move the parallelepiped so that he could fall into a hole and open for you to play the next of the thirty-three levels.

Bloxorz game - test the ability to think logically

Bloxorz will have to move across several playgrounds before you reach the playground with the hole. To open the bridge-junction between them, move the parallelepiped to the square marked with a cross or a circle, the passage will open and you can move on in the game. The parallelepiped can be moved in any direction, but make sure it doesn't fall outside the playing area, or the level will be lost. Playing Bloxorz you will test your logic skills, your ability to calculate different options and just have fun with successful puzzle solving.