"super mario run race online" Game

Original title: super mario run race online


The adventure in the game Super Mario Run Race online on Zarium begins with the purchase of a mountain bike. Brave plumber Mario is ready to start a new career - this time as a motorcycle racer.

Play with Mario, smash bikes

Mario wants to cover himself with the lasting glory of a great motorcycle racer. You have to help him first at least learn how to ride a mountain bike. First training, and then the competition. And so your main character is sitting behind the wheel of a motorcycle. At the signal he begins to move gradually picking up speed. The road under the wheels of his bike will not always be flat. Mario will have to go through terrain with difficult terrain, at speed to pass many of the most dangerous sections. Have to make jumps from ramps of different height and length.

Each successfully performed stunt jump will be scored points. From level to level the complexity of the track is increasing, but it's even more fueling sports excitement and interest. Only under your keen control Mario can get to the cherished podium of the winner of the motor rally.


use your mousse and keyboard for play the game