"Super Brick Ball" Game

Original title: Super Brick Ball


Throw the ball along the lines in the puzzle game "Super Brick Ball" and destroy the blocks. The game is endless, and levels are randomly generated, so you won't get bored. In each new level the player will be given more and more blocks, and the speed of their descent becomes faster and faster. A lot of levels are waiting for the player. There will be just as many bonuses. The game is great for those who like to shoot at multicolored blocks. The main goal of the player is not to let them fill the playing field. Blocks are lowered by one step after each player's shot. On the game blocks are written numbers. Must try to destroy the blocks on which is written a larger number. But one important thing to remember - they need more hits with the ball. Shapes will have different arrangements. Therefore, you can use the ricochet to be more effective. So in one shot you can try to hit more blocks.


Move the mouse or hold down your finger to aim. Click the mouse or release your finger to fire.