"Save the fish" Game

Original title: Save the fish


The main character of our game - a cheerful fish - was tired of living underwater and wanted to explore the world that opens up on land. But she did not take into account that without water can not breathe! After all, the gills of our fish just need moisture, otherwise they will stick together and dry out, leading to her death. Fortunately, the fish has brought a special bubble, with which she can buy herself time. Help her get to the aquarium, where she can rest and gain strength - because she needs to get home. To do this, pass all twenty levels of the game! It's desirable to collect all the stars that will fall on the playing field to get the best result. Take into account the laws of physics, when you will be lining the path of the main character. Good luck!


Esse menino decidiu que queria comer peixe no almoço, e agora está querendo