"Rescue The Puppies" Game

Original title: Rescue The Puppies


The essence of this game is that you have come to the farm and found puppies locked in a cage. Your task is to solve different types of puzzles and find hidden objects to save the dogs.

Feel like a real rescuer, in the game Rescue The Puppies!

This game is perfect for both boys and girls of different ages. Rescue The Puppies, develops dexterity, intelligence, logic and attention to your kids. And these qualities are very useful to them in the future.

This game is very interesting and it enjoys a great popularity, among millions of children. Try as soon as possible to save the puppies from the trap and take them to the dog mother. Also here you can compete with your friends about who of you will save the puppies faster. Develop and have fun in Rescue The Puppies. Spend your free time in a fun and rewarding way with our game!